Two pea and pesto salad

With some species of peas, the juvenile pods can be harvested and eaten whole, we know and love these as mange tout. This recipe brings together both mange tout and garden peas, with a super quick and easy dressing, perfect for when you need a healthy supper or lunch – fast!

I’m also using up the fresh garden peas I had left over from my latest mindful eating experiment, which makes me really happy as I’m a big fan of improvising and using what I already have, before making a dash to the shops.

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Mindful eating with garden peas

Today I’m celebrating the humble garden pea.

For me, peas are a quick and easy dinner staple because they’re healthy, delicious and I always have them in the freezer. However, with all this convenience, it’s easy to forget their origins and the journey that they’ve been on to get to your plate.

July is peak pea harvesting season and it’s at around this time that you can find peas in pods more commonly in the shops. If you’ve never eaten freshly podded peas before, you are totally missing out, they are unbelievably sweet and delicious.

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