Strawberry cashew cream pudding

It’s June, the days are long, and the sunshine blissfully warm on a blue sky day. Here in the UK that means we’re in strawberry season, and what better way to celebrate a glorious sunny June day than with a rich and creamy, vegan strawberry pudding.

I was inspired to make this after experimenting with cashew cream as an alternative to dairy cream. Cashew cream is delicious and I love it by itself, however I wanted to take it further and blend the fruit right in, and that gives it the most beautiful pretty pink colour. What’s not to love about these little pots of summer goodness?!

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Namaste World!

By day, I’m a software developer and so a play on ‘hello world!’ had to be the only way to welcome you this little corner of the internet where I’m sharing recipes and thoughts on how to live, and eat, more mindfully in this beautiful world.

Today I was lucky enough to take this beautiful photo… Namaste World!

With love and gratitude for sunny days and grassy meadows x