Smoky aubergine and feta dip

I love all things aubergine, and this smoky aubergine and feta dip is similar to baba ganoush, however replacing tahini with feta cheese means that it almost has the consistency of a pâté when cool. This smoky aubergine and feta dip is absolutely delicious spread on bread, crackers, oatcakes, with healthy crudités, or on sweet potato toasts like I’ve done!

The heat wave and lack of rain we’re experiencing in the UK has been tough on our natural environment. The grass, usually so lush and green, is yellow and dry, and crispy brown leaves are already falling from the trees. It feels like autumn has arrived early for us, and although I adore the autumnal months, I’m still enjoying summer too much to see nature’s lush bounty pass so soon.

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Chilled kale and cashew soup

Chilled kale and cashew soup in a white geometric bowl, served with toasted rye bread

As it turns out, summer colds and sniffles are totally a thing!

My dearest hubby is currently suffering from a particularly nasty one and only wants to eat soup, “but we’re in the middle of a heat wave” a tell him! I knew there was a compromise to be found. We needed a smooth and comforting soup that was light enough for summer months, with maximum nutritional value, and using what we had in the fridge, and so, the idea for this lovely vegan kale soup was born.

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Two pea and pesto salad

With some species of peas, the juvenile pods can be harvested and eaten whole, we know and love these as mange tout. This recipe brings together both mange tout and garden peas, with a super quick and easy dressing, perfect for when you need a healthy supper or lunch – fast!

I’m also using up the fresh garden peas I had left over from my latest mindful eating experiment, which makes me really happy as I’m a big fan of improvising and using what I already have, before making a dash to the shops.

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