Spiced turmeric hot chocolate

I have a slight obsession with chocolate, especially the hot drinkable kind. It all started when I was 12 years old, whilst on holiday in Italy with my grandparents. Each morning my Grandma and I would have breakfast in the hotel, and she would let me order hot chocolate, every single time! And let me tell you, this was no ordinary hot chocolate, it was luxuriously thick and creamy, with a silky, glossy texture, rich dark colour, and it tasted like sweet chocolate heaven.

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Vegan pesto with pumpkin seeds

This vegan pesto is far from a traditional – it’s vegan for starters – however it’s full of delicious flavours and adds a flash of vibrant green colour to any dish. In these last few days of summer, I wanted to make the most of seasonal basil whilst giving a nod to the incoming autumnal months, and pumpkin immediately sprung to mind.

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Smoky aubergine and feta dip

I love all things aubergine, and this smoky aubergine and feta dip is similar to baba ganoush, however replacing tahini with feta cheese means that it almost has the consistency of a pâté when cool. This smoky aubergine and feta dip is absolutely delicious spread on bread, crackers, oatcakes, with healthy crudités, or on sweet potato toasts like I’ve done!

The heat wave and lack of rain we’re experiencing in the UK has been tough on our natural environment. The grass, usually so lush and green, is yellow and dry, and crispy brown leaves are already falling from the trees. It feels like autumn has arrived early for us, and although I adore the autumnal months, I’m still enjoying summer too much to see nature’s lush bounty pass so soon.

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