Mindful eating with garden peas

Today I’m celebrating the humble garden pea.

For me, peas are a quick and easy dinner staple because they’re healthy, delicious and I always have them in the freezer. However, with all this convenience, it’s easy to forget their origins and the journey that they’ve been on to get to your plate.

July is peak pea harvesting season and it’s at around this time that you can find peas in pods more commonly in the shops. If you’ve never eaten freshly podded peas before, you are totally missing out, they are unbelievably sweet and delicious.

With this in mind, I decided to bring mindfulness to an afternoon snack of raw garden peas, and this is what I discovered.

First I take a moment to appreciate the ground where the pea was grown, the water and soil that nourished the plant, and the farmers who carefully tended it as it grew. The pod was then harvested from the pea plant, packaged and transported to the shop, I acknowledge the many people who helped make this happen. Thank you!

Holding the pod in the palm of my hand it is cool to the touch having just come out of the fridge, and it’s surface feels smooth but slightly textured with dimples. Looking at the pod I notice the lush green colour, the dimples and imperfections on the surface, and enjoy how the soft reflections change as I turn it around.

To open the pod, I run a nail down the join of the curved side to unzip it. As the pod opens up and I listen to the fresh, crisp sound it makes and notice the soft earthy smell of the peas. Looking closer I see that the pale green shiny peas are almost iridescent and alternatively connected to opposite sides of the pod… I have no idea how or why this happens but nature is beautiful.

I take a minute to appreciate the smooth, firm texture of the peas before chewing. As I crunch through them I get that first taste of sweet, delicious pea goodness. I chew for as long as possible enjoying their crunchy texture and sweet taste, and once gone, give thanks for the nourishment I’ve received.

With love and gratitude for earth and water x

I am not a trained mindfulness professional. I write as part of my own mindfulness practice and to share my experience with others.

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